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Twelve things you need to know about Solarlux

  • 24/7 Electricity
  • It carries basic appliances like TV, fans, light bulbs, Electric kettles and stoves, Crippers, Laptop, Computers, Decorders, Small businesses, Offices, Barbers, Schools, Pharmacy, make over, shops and groceries
  • Components: Panel, Diamond Lumos Box, 3-8 solar light bulbs, chargers
  • It is mobile: You can actually move and use it from your house to your office
  • You don't need an installer. You can install and manage it yourself
  • 5 years Warranty
  • It functions even in the most remote area
  • It is very very affordable
  • It is renewable
  • It is reliable
  • No monthly subscriptions, just a one time very affordable price
  • You can regulate the appliances u want to use it on, by yourself

Solarlux Models

  • 105,600 MAH
  • 160,000 MAH
  • 200,000 MAH
  • 400,000 MAH