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Vehicle Tracking


With our tracker, you can locate, remote control, or completely secure any vehicle globally in real time, without stress. No special software or elaborate “command centre” is needed. Because the tracker is designed with you – the end user – in mind, it comes bundled with the latest sophisticated telemetry technology. Real time tracking becomes pure pleasure and fun, while vehicle historical data analysis becomes as simple as ABC.

And because the devices are micro-small in size, they can be discreetly installed anywhere within the vehicle chassis, almost becoming as one with the vehicle – utterly undetectable to a third party. Disabling vehicle power supply has zero effect on these systems due to their own internal power modules, which are recharged with regular vehicle usage and can last well over 72 hours on their own.

What’s more, with the optional car kit accessories, car control cables, microphone, moving sensor, et al, compatibility with external add-ons is easily achieved.


  • Web based & Cell phone tracking
  • Secured with login ID & password
  • Disable / Enable Engine & Power from anywhere
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Inbuilt Power back-up
  • Remote Listening
  • Emergency Trigger
  • Movement Alert

  • For Fleet Owners

  • Monitoring Driving Behaviors
  • Prevent Misuse & Side Jobs
  • Prevent After hours use & Limit speeds
  • Improve Fleet Efficiency & Turn around
  • Insurance Savings & Time Management

  • For Private Users

  • Theft prevention
  • Peace of mind
  • Know position of vehicle
  • Emergency trigger at ease
  • Control your vehicle from anywhere